Elegance Tableware Set 72 pcs

We all love gatherings and eating together, that’s why we introduce to you this cutlery set which is intended for large gatherings. For twelve persons to serve our Dorsch Cutlery set comes with table forks, Table Knifes & spoons, as well as cake forks and coffee spoons – along with essential accessories. Dorsch cutleries are made of 18/10 stainless steel which has superior lasting quality.

12 Dinner Fork

12 Dinner Spoon

12 Dinner Knife

12 dissert Spoon

12 dissert Fork

1 Sweet Serving Spoon

1 Cake Spatula

2 salad serving spoon

2 salad serving fork

2 Meat Carving fork

1 Fruits Ladle

1 ice cream spoon

1 dessert spoon

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Elegance Tableware Set 72 pcs

Elegance Tableware Set 72 pcs

18/10 stainless steel "Venice" Tableware Set 72 pcs