2 Liters - Casserole

          Dorsch Lifetime Series Ceramic Cookware always make a good job of it, as they are scratch resistant and extremely durable. Coated with multi-layer of non-stick Ceramic materials that are absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA and APEO making it healthy and eco-friendly.The Fabrication involves low-carbon footprint processes. Now you can create healthy meals with confidence using Dorsch Lifetime Series Ceramic Cookware.

          Dorsch casseroles are made of die-cast aluminum which is exceptionally easy to clean and fascinating for low-fat cooking, thanks to the eco-friendly, cutting-edge non-stick ceramic coating. This cookware is compatible with all kinds of stove-tops.



  • The perfect solution for cooking healthy and dietetic food (without fat) 
  • Marble ceramic coating interior is extremely scratch-proof, stain-proof and heat-resistant.
  • PFOA-, PTFE- and PFOS-free; contains no cadmium.
  • Tempered glass lid with heat resistant handle.
  • Molded side handles.
  • Ceramic Coating Made in Germany.

Available sizes are: 20cm - 2 L, 22cm - 3 L, 24cm - 4 L, 26cm - 5.2 L, 28cm - 6.2 L, 30cm - 8.1 L, 32 cm - 9.2 L, 36 cm - 13.4 L, 40cm - 19 L.

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2 Liters - Casserole

2 Liters - Casserole

Die-Cast aluminium Ceramic Coated Cookware